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What is the best strategy for encrypting files in Ruby

Viktor Shmigol
Symmetric encryption in Ruby In the past Cryptography was used con fines militares. However, now, along with information society foundation cryptography’s became one of the main tools providing confidentiality, authorization, electronic payments corporate security and so on. Cryptographic methods can be used to solve the security issues: confidentiality of transmitted / stored data; authentication; integrity of stored and transmitted data; ensuring document authenticity. Also, th...

How to Provide Developer Code Writing De-anonymization

Alex Ovcharov
A little while ago we’ve discussed topical issues in our agency meeting. The agenda was about the setup of developers. A lot of customers complain that outstaffing agencies frequently replace the interviewed developer to another one. To solve this issue and clear up confusion we’ve implemented different tracking systems and face-to-face developers’ and customers’ discussions. But actually, it doesn’t solve the problem. How to prove you write your own script, that it’s your masterp...

How not to cut your source with sharp knife as Monkey Patch in Ruby

Igor Bilan
One of the most powerful Ruby features is the ability to re-open any class and change it’s methods. Actually, you can reopen any class and change how it works. This includes the default Ruby classes like String, Array or Hash. It sounds extremely challenging. Being able to change the expected outcome of a method can cause all sorts of weird behavior and difficult to track down bugs. Monkey Patch to help. In Ruby, the term monkey patch(MP) mean any dynamic modification to a class an...

How to zoom image with pure JavaScript

Alex Galushka
When you are building an e-commerce website, especially a showcase, a website gallery, a template selling website ..., you always need many good images for using and giving your visitors/customers the detailed view of your images (or your product). I believe that every shopping website has ability zoom the product image. All of them are using jQuery plugins such as jQuery Zoom or EasyZoom After I think how would I implements this plugin I realized that we do not need jQuery for tha...

How easily integrate Rails' ActionCable into your Angular2/ionic2 application

Viktor Shmigol
ActionСable is easily integrated WebSockets with the Rails application parts. It allows you to write real-time functionality with Ruby style according to the rest Rails application functionality, at the same time being productive and scalable. It is a full stack, including the client framework in JavaScript and server-side framework in Ruby. You get access to the models, written with Active Record or other ORM. So what’s the point of this post? I am gonna create a chat application o...